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Henry Shaw
Cactus and
Succulent Society

P. O. Box 191522
St. Louis, Missouri
63119 USA


Informative -- and Fun!

Learn more about succulents from fellow hobbyists when you join the Henry Shaw Cactus and Succulent Society. With a membership that now includes over 100 people of varied ages and interests, HSCSS officers encourage the propagation of plants so there is enough to share with other members. (Although the society is a tax-exempt organization, membership dues are not deductible.)
Membership Levels

Individual -- $20 per calendar year
Family -- $25 per calendar year
(For more than one person in the same household)
* All memberships expire December 31.

Greenhouse Photo

HSCSS members are pleased to share their knowledge of varied succulent and cacti species. Over time, members often establish favorite plant types based both on their level of interest and available space. While some maintain small, "window" gardens, other members build greenhouses to support their cultivation habits.

Membership Benefits

Henry Shaw Cactus Digest
Articles in this acclaimed monthly publication include Plant of the Month, cactus and succulent news, tips, features, club news and more. Written by members and other hobbyists around the world, it's one of the best cactus newsletters in the country. Members can read the Digest in printed form or choose to receive the newsletter by e-mail in electronic form. Click to read a sample of the HSCSS Digest in PDF format.
Monthly Meetings
Monthly meetings are fun and informative. Talk with people who enjoy their hobby and enjoy helping others. Buy, sell, trade, give away or receive free plants, cuttings and seeds. Display your plants or find out their names and how to care for them. Win door prizes!
A brief business meeting is followed by a program, Plant of the Month segment, and question-and-answer period. Some meeting programs are workshops to learn specific plant techniques (winterizing, pruning, repotting, cultivating, etc.). Others include sales with plants shipped in from out-of-town vendors -- the only way to obtain some species or varieties without a road trip.
HSCSS Library
The comprehensive HSCSS collection includes both current and out-of-print reference books and periodicals, some of which are not available anywhere else. Club members can borrow up to three books at a time after 90 days of membership. Review the online publication list, make your borrow request via e-mail and check out your books at the next meeting.
HSCSS Member Forum, Facebook
The society's members-only online forum is a place for members to ask questions, share photos and ideas, swap plants or just visit. Join the group by registering your real name and e-mail address. HSCSS is on Facebook, too -- see what's up at http://www.facebook.com/hs.cactus?sk=wall.
Annual Show and Sale
Enter your plants for ribbons or just learn, learn, learn at the HSCSS Show and Sale, one of the best shows in the country. Several vendors will have plants and other merchandise for sale that you usually won't find locally. Club members also receive a 20% discount on Drummond Nursery plants sold by the club at the sale.
Much More
Some HSCSS members organize field trips to conventions, out-of-town vendors, shows and other destinations. House tours allow us to share the beauty of other members' homes, greenhouses and plants.
Our Annual Picnic is always fun. It's potluck, and many of our members cook as well as they grow cacti. The Annual Holiday Party is another must activity, with prizes, great food and exciting rare plant auctions. Friendship, knowledge, and new techniques and ideas are all a part of our society.

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