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The contents of the following list is reprinted with permission from "Cacti & Succulents," a fact sheet available through the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Kemper Center for Home Gardening
At Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110 USA
Open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Common Cacti and Succulents
The following cacti and succulents are commonly used as house plants.
Common Name -- Scientific Name

Torch Plant -- Aloe aristata
Tiger Aloe -- Aloe variegata
Star Cactus -- Astrophytum spp.
Old Man Cactus -- Cephalocereus spp.
Hedge Cactus -- Cereus spp.
Rosary Vine -- Ceropegia woodii
Cleistocactus -- Cleistocactus spp.
Jade Plant -- Crassula portulacea, Crassula argentea
Mexican Firecracker -- Echeveria elegans
Barrel Cactus -- Echinocactus spp.
Rainbow Cactus -- Echinocereus dasyacanthus
Easter Lily Cactus -- Echinopisi spp.
Crown of Thorns -- Euphorbia spp.
Tiger Jaws -- Faucaria spp.
Spider Cactus -- Gymnoclaycium denudatum
Kalanchoe -- Kalanchoe spp.
Living Stones -- Lithops spp.
Cob Cactus -- Lobivia spp.
Old Lady Cactus -- Mammillaria spp.
Snowball Cactus -- Mammillaria bocasana
Silver Cluster Cactus -- Mammillaria prolifera
Rose Pincushion -- Mammillaria zeilmanniana
Prickly Pear -- Opuntia microdasys
Moonstones -- Pachypjytum spp.
Parodia -- Parodia spp.
Crown Cactus -- Rebutia spp.
Chain Cactus -- Rhiphsalis spp.
Stonecrop -- Sedium spp.
Donkey's Tail -- Sedum morganianum
String of Beads -- Senecio rowleyanus
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