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Along with other articles, columns and club updates, each monthly issue of the Henry Shaw Cactus Digest includes an article or two on members' favorite cactus and succulent species. The articles typically include photos and facts on the plants' natural origins and distribution, growing conditions, common and scientific names, care and cultivation tips, and helpful hints for encouraging flower production.
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December 2017 -- Pachypodium saundersii

By Cal Wichern
Pachypodium saundersii belongs to the Apocynaceae family and in unscientific language is sometimes called the "kudu lily." Its epithet is in honor of a late South African civil servant and plant collector, Charles James Renault Saunders.
The plant grows naturally in South Africa and is mostly found as a somewhat small and shrubby bush. However, it can sometimes grow up to 1.5 meters tall. It is described as having paired, sharp thorns and darkish leaves. It produces a good number of white flowers annually in its natural setting.
Thanks to Wikipedia for the above info.

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