HSCSS Annual Show & Sale

The BIGGEST Cactus & Succulent Show & Sale in the Midwest!

Plant Sales

One of the benefits of being a member of the Henry Shaw Cactus and Succulent Society is the opportunity to sell plants at the annual HSCSS Show and Sale. Available after six months of club membership, the benefit allows members to pass on plants they no longer want or can care for. It also allows them to sell plants propagated from their collections.

In order to keep this opportunity available to members and more manageable for those handling plant sales, a few rules and conditions must be followed.

Since table space for member sales is limited, please be considerate of other sellers as you place your plants. Put excess plants under the sales tables for display later in the event. Also, plan to water your plants as needed to maintain their health and presentation.

Follow These Rules:

(This 2019 information will be updated in 2022 with new dates and links, if needed.)

1. All plants must be healthy and well-rooted. Please use top dressing with potted plants. HSCSS reserves the right to remove plants in poor condition from the sales tables.

2. Each plant must have a label that indicates at least its genus name. Ideally the tag will list the full botanical name, including genus and species.

3. Each seller must apply stickers of a consistent color to each sale item. Round Avery brand labels, available at many office supply, discount or drug stores, are commonly used for this purpose.

Put the seller’s initials at the tops of the labels and the plant prices beneath the initials in blue or black ink. These labels provide a system for keeping records of plants after they are checked out. The Avery labels are removed from plants and adhered to pages in the notebook used to track members’ sales.

To assist in organizing sales records, affix two samples of the Avery labels to an index card and add your name and address. Bring the card to the July 12 HSCSS meeting and tell Janet Kister the approximate number of items you would like to sell.

You may also mail the card to Kister at 5121 Ashrock Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 63129, as long as it is received by July 18. Optionally, present the completed card when you arrange your items on the sales tables on July 25 or 26.

5. All plant prices must be in even dollar amounts. Example: $1, not $1.50.

6. All sellers will receive 80 percent of the selling price. Twenty percent goes to HSCSS. This is the same arrangement made with the professional vendors.

7. Sellers must be present to take unsold plants home immediately after the sale. Unattended plants will be considered HSCSS property.

8. Payments will be made to sellers at the September HSCSS picnic or shortly thereafter. Please be patient regarding payment.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.