2021 – Glavich ‘Explores’ Euphorbias

Through photos and descriptions, expert succulent grower Tom Glavich’s Zoom program for the January 2021 HSCSS meeting conveyed the great variety of interesting forms that make euphorbias so widely collected. Plants in Africa and Madagascar vary greatly from those found in Asia, the Mediterranean and Mexico. Some euphorbias are leafless and sticklike, while others grow into many-stemmed clumps or even tree forms.

Glavich recommended the use of quick-draining soil for euphorbias. In season, water regularly – and feed, too. Stop watering during dormancy. Glavich said his euphorbias generally tolerate temperatures down to freezing. Two other tips: Wait two to three weeks after repotting to prune euphorbias. Also, cuttings usually grow a caudex, but remember that “double cutting” may be required.