2018 – Show and Sale

The society’s big annual Show and Sale in late July brought in a record number of visitors and netted funds for ongoing HSCSS programs. Pam Schnebelen’s “Bad Hair Day” fockea greeted visitors as they entered the exhibition hall in Missouri Botanical Garden’s Ridgway Hall. Some 40 members entered the show, and many also sold plants in addition to those offered by Drummond Nursery and J & J Cactus and Succulents.

Plants given top awards are shown below. Pam Schnebelen was first in the sweepstakes race, followed by Don Lesmeister and Mike Hellman. Ralph Olliges won the sweepstakes on the Decorative side, and his display on watering received the CSSA Education Award. Gavin Murdick won the sweepstakes in the Junior Divison. (To see more show and sale plants, visit the HSCSS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/hs.cactus/.)

Pictures by Jolie Krupnik, Susan Carpentier, David Gulick, Eric Driskill,
Nikki Murdick and Lillian Giessow