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Jerry Jost Honored With Appreciation Award

Jerry Jost graciously hosted HSCSS activities on the campus of his company in 2022. We appreciate it!

(December 2022)

At HSCSS’ December Winter Holiday Party, Jerry Jost humbly accepted the Martin Schweig Appreciation Award for 2022. Named for longtime HSCSS advocate and volunteer Schweig, the award honors members who freely offer their time, energy and skills for the betterment of the club.

As Don Lesmeister said before presenting the engraved glass award, Jost literally gave HSCSS “shelter from the storm.” Jost opened space in one of his company buildings – which had been remodeled to handle events – for meetings and other HSCSS activities through 2022.

“I’m very proud and honored to receive the award,” Jost said a few days after the party. “I think this is a very robust and talented group with a diverse interest in plants.” For Jost, his invitation “was a good opportunity to use some available space for a very worthy group.”

At the same time the COVID-19 pandemic left the society unable to hold live meetings, construction uprooted its usual meeting place at Missouri Botanical Garden.

“Not only supplying us with a place to gather, Jerry Jost also provided the tables, chairs, electronic equipment, cookies and donuts,” Lesmeister said. “Also the keys to the building when he was out of town – no questions asked – reflecting the true spirit of this award.”

Jerry Jost is the founder and president of Jost Chemical, a global leader in specialty minerals and salts for nutritional, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The large structures on the Jost corporate campus in Overland house manufacturing, distribution, research and warehousing for the company. The “8195” building in which HSCSS met also provides administrative office space.

Jost has a variety of personal interests. In addition to succulents, he raises orchids and lilies, as well as landscaping and aquatic plants. Jost has 200 aquariums and a love of ballroom dancing, too.

“Last August, Jerry introduced himself and said we were welcome to use his ‘warehouse’ for meetings after overhearing talk about future meetings being in doubt,” HSCSS Program Director Mike Hellmann said. “We were lucky to meet him when we did, really lucky.”