From the Digest

Let’s Bring the Plants Back!

By Mike Hellmann

We’ll be trying something new at the July Zoom meeting. Actually, it is nothing new, but just something we’ve not done in quite a while. We’ll once again be bringing back the plants that we always enjoyed when we were able to meet in person. Of course, their presence (for the time being) will need to be as virtual as ours, but here we’ll at least be able to share our plants and growing experiences with other members.

Immediately after Judy Pigue’s program, we’ll begin an open discussion on any plants that are brought to the screen. Brag plants, cool plants, new plants, young plants, old plants, sick plants and plants about which you just have questions are all invited.

Brag plants are encouraged, as we can now share what we would normally be bringing to the show. We’re at the peak of the summer growing season, so please share one or more of those plants with us.

If you have questions about a plant or are dealing with a growing issue, as a group we can address each situation and help you get the plant back on the right track. As in our in-person meetings, all will be able to provide input, as many of us have knowledge in some areas but not in others.

You can show your plants by using your computer camera or e-mail pictures of them to Nikki Murdick ( or Marge Williams ( so they can “Share Screen” them during the meeting. This would probably be the best and easiest way of sharing.

So, please bring some plants to the next meeting. Plants are why we all initially joined this group, but due to reasons beyond our control, they have been pushed to the back. This left a big void in our monthly meetings. Let’s change that. The success of this will depend on your input, so please take part.