From the Digest

Looking Ahead

By Mike Hellmann, Program Chair

As HSCSS moves beyond pandemic-related limitations, the club is working to rebuild enthusiasm through new plant-focused activities that benefit members both old and new. A plant sale at Tilles Park in 2021 was an early post-COVID event.

It was great to see so any new members at our last meeting. We had about 75
attending with both the in-person crowd and Zoom combined. Dan Mahr’s program was perfect for all in attendance, explaining how the needs of our plants can better be met if we understand their natural habitats and apply that knowledge when catering to their needs regarding exposure, soil and watering.

This article is the second part of last month’s message reflecting the club’s efforts to further enhance the successes and experiences of all our members. Since we were forced to end meeting in person for almost two years due to the pandemic, we now continue to move forward with a rebuilding phase in person again.

We are asking for the experience of our older members to combine with the enthusiasm and experiences of our newer members to continue to build a synergism, a mutually beneficial exchange, making us a stronger group that such sharing produces. Better for us, the plants and our future as a viable club for years to come.

We’ve recently confirmed all programs and events through the end of this year, but we really need your input to keep things exciting and interesting as we work our way into and through the next calendar year. I want to thank those who have shared program ideas and encourage the rest of you to do the same. Please continue to send ideas my way regarding what topics you’d like to see discussed or possible new events that we may be able to make happen.

As mentioned at the last meeting, we’ll also make time each month after the program to discuss plants – their successes, failures, related questions, etc. There will be room on a table (or tables, if necessary) for anything you’d like to bring in, share or ask questions about. We encourage questions and comments from all. Perhaps we’ll even tag this with a catchy name in the near future.

Remember that this is your society. The board and committee members work for you and the well-being of our entire group. We’re all (well, most of us anyway) just like little kids when it comes to learning about and collecting these plants. We live for their successful cultivation, as well as the new acquisitions that make our hobby fun. The common denominator for all of us is “plants”!

I leave you with something to check out and enjoy. Google “Cactus Quest” and start following the YouTube journeys of the charismatic host around California, Arizona and New Mexico as he visits nurseries, cactus and succulent shows, plants in habitat, etc. If you cannot be there, this is the next best thing. Time will fly by as you finish one show and start another. All are very entertaining, as well as informative. Take a look and see what you think.

Please keep in touch and let us know how we can best serve you.