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Member Tributes – Gladys Drummond

Gladys Drummond poses with her son, Fred, among the larger cacti in one of several nursery greenhouses.

Oh, Gladys, you will be sorely missed. This breaks my heart. There was a time several years ago when Patrick and I (sometimes more Patrick than I) would shop her greenhouses three times a week through the spring and summer. She always cracked us up telling us what is or isn’t for sale that day. Sometimes you’d get lucky, and she would part with something really special!

We got to know her well through the years. We’d talk about her greenhouses, her kids and grandkids, the veggie garden and the “best tomatoes in DeSoto.” Seems like she would always be busy in the prop house potting things up and piddling. She’d share photos of her cactus-collecting trips and light up reminiscing on times with Fred in the earlier years.

She really was one of the most kind-hearted people. For us, it started with the cactus club and collecting the plants, but over time, it became more of a “let’s go see Grandma Cactus” than shopping. May you rest in peace and the nursery live on in memory.

– Kadie Crivello and Pat Mahon

We are very saddened to hear of Gladys’ passing. We have lost a very dear friend and longtime member of our society. Gladys played a very large part in making our club the vibrant group that it has been for many, many years. Her wonderful cacti and succulent expertise will be sorely missed. I once took a wish list to our annual picnic expecting to find one or two species, but to mine and Chris’ amazement, she found every plant on our list! We will miss you very much, Gladys, our great cacti and succulent mentor!

– Chris and Doug Deem

I have many personal memories, but most importantly, I will miss her genuine warmth, kindness and rugged grace. She always had time for me. As much as I enjoyed the nursery, I equally enjoyed visiting with her. Her strength and stamina until the end was truly inspiring. Fortunately, I have some beautiful plants that are now keepsakes. Rest in peace, Gladys … a life well lived and a legacy for us all to enjoy.

– Don Lesmeister

As a new member in the club, I first met Fred and Gladys Drummond at our Show and Sale, helping them bring in and price the plants. Fred and Gladys were so kind and knowledgeable of the plants we all love. As time passed, I learned that Gladys had a love for sansevierias, just like myself, and she always took time to talk to me about them.

Once a year, a small group of club members (Nikki Murdick, Barb Rengers and I) would head for a day trip to Drummond Nursery, always calling ahead to make sure that Gladys would be there. We would walk through the greenhouse, and Gladys would show up to check on us and answer any question we might have.

As time passed, I did more at the Show and Sale, which allowed me to work with Gladys. Her list in hand, we would label and price the plants for sale, and I always enjoyed our time together. I was always amazed at her knowledge of the plants, their names and prices. Gladys’ and her family’s creative dish gardens were always a big seller for our sale. Gladys always knew what would sell.

My heart is heavy as I write these memories. A great plant lady will be missed! I hope knowing that she is with Fred and other family members is a great comfort to her family. RIP, Gladys.

– Susan Carpentier

I met Gladys on my first visit to Drummond Nursery many years ago. In fact, I bought my first succulent, a Bursera recurvata, from her not too many years after she and Fred opened their nursery. Later, when I became a member of HSCSS, I helped care for and sell the plants that she had brought into our Show and Sale.

She always took time to speak to those around her and provide any help and answers to questions about the plants. When I told her that she had sold me my first plant, she smiled and said she and Fred always wanted to provide a place where not only plants were grown and sold, but where friends and memories were made. Needless to say, she accomplished that, and we are now missing her kind and knowledgeable presence in our world. RIP, Gladys.

– Nikki Murdick

Upon receiving the news of Gladys Drummond passing, I remembered our first meeting in the early 1970s. From that moment on, through the decades, we talked family, plants and our club. She was one of the smartest, kindest and bravest women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She will be sorely missed.

– Pat Thomann

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