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Mike Hellmann Joins CSSA Board

New director Mike Hellmann hopes to assist with CSSA membership and events.

Former HSCSS President Mike Hellmann has joined the Cactus and Succulent Society of America board of directors.

Although Hellmann had been nominated as a board candidate for next year by Woody Minnich, he was recently appointed by CSSA President Jeff Pavlat to replace a director who had to resign from the board. Hellmann’s term runs through the end of 2021.

The new board member expressed a few areas of interest within CSSA’s varied programming.

“As a director, I hope to help with membership,” Hellmann said. “CSSA is struggling with the same challenges our St. Louis society is: needing younger members, while being able to cater to their interests and keeping them from scooting on to some other interest or hobby.

“Millennials have a different way of looking at the world, from the workplace to organizations such as ours. We need to adapt.”

Hellmann said he also hopes to use his “rather methodical and calculated ways” to help with CSSA events. He has chaired annual HSCSS shows and conferences, and helped plan the 2003 CSSA convention hosted by HSCSS in St. Louis.

Current HSCSS President Ralph Olliges complimented Hellmann in his August newsletter column: “Congratulations on your willingness to serve on the CSSA board. I am sure that your knowledge and helpfulness will help the national CSSA go a long way!”