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New Search System Supports ‘Reopening’ of HSCSS Library

Users can now search the library’s 375 listings in multiple ways.

With the recent launch of a new online search system, it is now easier to review the HSCSS library holdings before making an appointment to pick up desired items. Visit to enter search terms or select alphabetized listings of the club’s hundreds of library books and publications.

“This is part of the society’s efforts to continue providing benefits for members under COVID-19 limitations,” website manager David Wolfe said. “Now that the club’s library is beginning to open up, this search will help members ‘browse’ at home.”

The search helps users find items by title, author and/or topic based on the material in the library database. By default, the system applies searches to the complete list. But users can also choose to search all titles that begin with “A” or another letter.

The system – set up with the assistance of local web developer IQ Computing – can search for words, parts of words or exact phrases. It also recognizes years of publication and other information.

It shows, for example, that HSCSS has nine publications from the 1930s – before the club was formed in 1942. The library has 62 items with the word “cactus” in their titles, as well as 10 titles by C&S expert John Pilbeam and seven books on stapeliads. Search for “(NEW!)” to see the most recent library additions.

The HSCSS library materials were recently moved to Extra Space Storage at 10300 Watson Rd. in Crestwood to establish a single, central location for the library. Ongoing access to the members-only service will be determined relative to COVID-19 conditions.