From the Digest

HSCSS Officer Duties

(October 2005)

Club members who attend the November HSCSS meeting will elect officers and a new board member for 2006. Although the Nominating Committee will offer a recommended slate of candidates, nominations will also be accepted during the meeting.

To help members consider running for office, the following descriptions outline the basic duties of the Henry Shaw Cactus Society officers, as defined by the HSCSS constitution. Candidates must serve on a committee before running for HSCSS office.

President – The president shall preside at all business meetings, regular or special, and at all Executive Committee meetings; shall appoint all committees except those otherwise provided by the constitution; shall appoint replacement officers upon vacancies; shall call special meetings that he/she deems necessary and shall provide general supervision over the affairs of the society.

Vice-President – The vice-president shall annually inspect the financial books of the society and report his/her findings at the March meeting, shall assist the president and shall become the president if that office becomes vacant. During any absence of the president, the vice-president shall fulfill the president’s duties.

Secretary – The secretary shall take the minutes and keep a careful record of the proceedings at all business meetings; shall conduct any necessary correspondence unless otherwise designated; shall make available to members, at any business meeting, minutes of any meeting within the last year and shall insure that older minutes are properly archived.

Treasurer – The treasurer shall receive all payments of dues, donations and other funds; shall make any legitimate payments; shall open and keep any bank or other accounts necessary; shall keep an accurate record of all transactions; shall report the finances, balances, etc., when such reports are called for at any business meeting; shall provide all account books, checking books and other pertinent records for an annual examination by the vice-president; shall provide all account books, checking books, and other pertinent records for examination at any time required by a vote of the Executive Committee.

Directors – Directors shall be members of the Executive Committee and shall fulfill all duties required of that committee by the constitution.