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The Show Is Coming!

The design for Judy’s cactus-themed wall hanging is her own but was inspired by the modern art at the St. Louis Art Museum. The giant saguaros are made from fabric left over from masks she made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Judy Meyer

I realize the show is over – long gone, but wasn’t it fun? I was so excited as soon as the dates were announced. I read about the new organization for the show. I listened intently at the meetings, asked questions and formulated my game plan. I missed last year’s show due to another commitment. This year I was determined to jump in with both feet and take part in our club’s big event.

Every day I looked over all my plants, trying to decide which would go to the show. I immediately started on my sewing project for the Allied Interest class. That went well and was finished ahead of time. Unfortunately, one of my plants, a variegated jade, looked rough, and I knew it couldn’t be part of our show. I then had to change my choice in the Decorative category because the plant I planned on using just was not “show-worthy.”

Even with these bumps in my road, I had a great time! All my entries were recognized with some type of ribbon. I also had a chance to get to know some of our members a little better.

The author received a red ribbon in the Decorative category for her container of succulents with varied colors and textures.

I want to send a big shout out to out-of-town members Danny and Marena Hall, who came all the way from Alabama to participate in the Show and Sale. I had so much fun meeting and talking to them. I hope they will continue to join us for other events.

And now, the show is over. I’m enjoying my dish gardens. My new plants and pots have a good home. I am already thinking about what I will do next year!

Thank you to our wonderful officers and others who spent so much time and energy organizing everything. (Also, thanks for providing lunch for us.) And thank you to Jerry Jost for again generously letting us use his Event Center. The space was perfect for us.