From the Digest

Things to Do – April

By Barbara Rengers

Certain activities regarding growing plants and other aspects of the succulent hobby tend to recur at about the same time every year. Here are some reminders for things to address in April.

  1. All plants except some of the stemless Mesembryanthemaceae can be given a good watering. This should be done in the morning on a day expected to be warm and sunny.
  2. Stemless Mesembryanthemaceae can be sprayed lightly from now until June. Spray just enough to keep the roots alive. Old leaves or bodies should be completely shriveled before regular watering is started.
  3. Begin repotting now. Repot plants that are flowering when they finish blooming.
  4. Fertilize plants that are in bloom once a week, but don’t fertilize completely dry plants.
  5. Plant seeds.
  6. Some older, stronger plants can be taken outdoors for several hours. Bring them in at night.
  7. Misting plants on warm days washes off the dust of winter and stimulates the plants to form new root hairs.
  8. Save cardboard boxes to use as plant carriers at the HSCSS show in July.