From the Digest

Things to Do – January

By Barbara Rengers

Certain activities regarding growing plants and other aspects of the succulent hobby tend to recur at about the same time every year. Here are some reminders for things to address in January.

  1. You may expect Mammillaria plumosa and M. schiedeane to bloom now. The epiphytic Christmas cacti and many rhipsalis may also bloom. Keep these plants warmer and moister.
  2. Ventilate winter quarters on clear days to help keep fungal infections away.
  3. If you overwinter cacti in a dark place, provide additional light several hours a day.
  4. At very low temperatures, cold air can damage plants. Protect cacti on windowsills by slipping newspaper or cardboard between them and the cold glass.
  5. During milder weather, give a little water to some leafy succulents.
  6. If cacti are setting buds, move them to a warmer spot and give more water.
  7. Plan your entries for the HSCSS show this summer.
  8. Increase your knowlege of the plants you grow by reading books from the HSCSS library. Update any “growing notes” you made during the growing season.
  9. Cacti that are not spring flowerers could be repotted now, while they are dormant.
  10. Clean those dirty pots from last year’s repotting.