From the Digest

Things to Do – July

By Barbara Rengers

Certain activities regarding growing plants and other aspects of the succulent hobby tend to recur at about the same time every year. Here are some reminders for things to address in July.

  1. Growth of all plants will continue. Most will do well outdoors, but not all tolerate full sun. Introduce plants to full sun carefully!
  2. Some shading might be needed from July on.
  3. Water generously.
  4. Be careful about slugs. Set pots in dry sawdust, sand or pine bark mulch.
  5. During the hottest part of the summer, red spider mites can spoil plants rapidly. Plenty of overhead spraying is a deterrent.
  6. Many spring-flowering species, including many mammillarias, echinocereus and rebutias, have a short summer rest in July to mid-August. Water them less during this time.
  7. Begin to water the stemless mesembryanthemums. Buds can be expected within a few weeks.