From the Digest

Things to Do – June

By Barbara Rengers

Certain activities regarding growing plants and other aspects of the succulent hobby tend to recur at about the same time every year. Here are some reminders for things to address in June.

  1. Plan to enter at least one plant in the HSCSS Show and Sale.
  2. Consider volunteering at the show. It’s great fun talking “succulents” all day with other members.
  3. With higher temperatures, an increasing amount of growth will be seen. Water heavily during the day, as much as twice a week.
  4. A shower is good for plants, too. Be careful not to leave salt deposits on plants or risk fungus infections.
  5. Check newly acquired plants for mealies. Quarantine and treat, if required.
  6. Continue repotting plants in old soil.
  7. Cacti need fresh air at night. Differences between day and night temperatures are optimal this month.