From the Digest

Things to Do – October

By Barbara Rengers

Certain activities regarding growing plants and other aspects of the succulent hobby tend to recur at about the same time every year. Here are some reminders for things to address in October.

  1. Shading no longer required in greenhouses.
  2. If summered outdoors, cacti should gradually be moved into winter quarters. Good light is still needed.
  3. Watering of most globular cacti can be stopped, except for very late-flowering species. If plants are kept warm, they still need some watering.
  4. Plenty of fresh air at cooler temperatures is needed to harden the plants off.
  5. Flowers can still be expected on the stemless mesembryanthemums, stapelias, etc. First flower buds may be showing on Schlumbergera truncate.
  6. Remove dead leaves, as they can cause mildew and rotting this time of year.
  7. Winter bloomers like Rhipasalis and Schlumbergera species should be kept warmer and moister.
  8. The few cacti still outdoors need to be protected from rain.