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  • ### Garden Succulents Primer, The (How to Identify and Grow the Most Popular Drought-Tolerant Plants) – Smith, Gideon; and van Wyk, Ben-Erik – 2008
    Good beginners book. Color photos and information on a variety of species in various genera.
  • ### Gardener’s Guide to Cactus, The – Calhoun, Scott
  • Gardening With Cacti – Mabe, Rex – 1974
  • Gardening With Lights – Mabe, Rex – 1974
  • Gardening With Succulents – Mabe, Rex – 1975
  • ### Gasterias of South Africa (A New Revision of a Major Succulent Group) – Von Jaarsveld, E. J. – 1994
    Black and white, and color drawings, as well as color photos. Good information on gasterias.
  • ### Genus Echeveria, The – Pilbeam, John – 2008
    An all-around good book. Information on cultivation of echeverias, as well as detailed information on many species. My favorite part is a few paragraphs in a chapter called “Lost Souls” (pages 306-309). Loss, mystery and hope – what a chapter!
  • ### Genus Echinocereus, The – Taylor, Nigel P.; illustrations by King, Christabel – 1985
    A nice, if older book. Very nice illustrations. Good for those with a special interest in the genus.
  • ### Genus Fouquieria, The – Scott, Robert
  • ### Genus Haworthia, The – Volume 1 – Breuer, Ingo
  • ### Genus Haworthia, The: A Taxonomic Revision – Scott, Charles L. – 1985
    Information on distribution of various species. A good book if you have a passion for haworthias. Some color photos, some black and white illustrations.
  • ### Genus Hoya, The – Wennstorm, A.; and Stenmann, K.
  • ### Genus Melocactus in Central and South America, The – Taylor, Nigel – 1991
    Color and black and white photos, maps and close-up photos of seeds. Book for someone super interested in the genus Melocactus.
  • ### Genus Nolina (Nolinaceae), The: Speciale Plante Grasse – Hochstätter, Fritz – 2010
    Small specialty book. Color photos, text in two languages (German and English). For those with a strong interest in the genus Nolina.
  • ### Genus Sclerocactus, The – Hochslatter
  • ### Genus Sedum, The – Froderstrom, Harold – 1936
    A monumental monograph divided into four text sections with hundreds of black and white photos.
  • ### Genus Turbinicarpus in San Luis Potosi, The – Grupo San Luis – 2004
    The best book on the genus Turbinicarpus that I have read. It has information on the history of the genus, maps, color habitat photos and close-up color photos of various species. Great information.
  • ### Giant Cactus Forest and its World, The – Howes, Paul Griswold – 1954
    Older book describes all aspects of the desert world, including plants and animals.
  • Gibbaeum Handbook, The – Nel, G. C. – 1953
    (Aizoaceae, Gibbaeum)
  • Glossary of Botanical Terms With Special Reference to Succulent Plants – Eggli, Urs – 1993
  • Grass Aloes in the South African Veld – Graib, C. – 2005
    Beautiful hand-drawn, then painted examples of various species. The book for anyone with a passion for aloes. Great information on growing cycles, cultivation, propagation and status of plants in habitat.
  • Greenhouse Gardening – Edwards, J.
  • ### Greenhouse Gardening as a Hobby – Crockett, James Underwood – 1961
    Hardbound older book. Good information.
  • Grow Cacti, A Practical Handbook – Marsden, C. – 1958
  • Growing Cacti and Succulents – Bartrun, Douglas – 1973
  • Growing Cacti and Succulents – Colorado C & S Society – 2002
  • Growing Cacti and Succulents – Harland, W.; and Harland, S. – 1981
  • Growing Cacti and Other Succulents in the Conservatory and Indoors – Bell, S. – 2001
  • Growing Succulent Plants, Including Cacti – Graham, Victor – 1987
  • Growing the Mesembs – Storms, Ed – 1965
    (Aizoaceae, Mesembryanthemum)
  • ### Growing Winter-Hardy Cacti in Cold/Wet Climate Conditions – Spain, John D. – 1997
    Very nice little book for those who would like to try growing cold-hardy cacti. Nice color photos.
  • Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa – Smith, Gideon
  • Guide to the Aloes of South Africa – van Wyk, Ben-Erik, and Smith – 2003
    (Asphodelaceae, Aloe) Nice photos.
  • ### Gymnocalycium in Habitat and Culture – Charles, Graham – 2009
    If you love gymnos, you will love this book. It has a section on the history of the genus that is very interesting and good information on cultivation and care. It also has everything you wish to know about almost every species!