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All About Sansevierias – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1966
(* Reference Only) Bulletin published by the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Bromeliads – Cutak, Ladislaus
(* Reference Only)
Cacti of Arizona – Benson, Lyman – 1940
(* Reference Only)
Cactus and Other Succulent Plants – Roan, H. M. – 1948
(* Reference Only)
Cactus Guide – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1956, 1976
(* Reference Only) Written by the founder of the Henry Shaw Cactus and Succulent Society. A beginning, and still things change. We all learn and grow thanks to this man.
Cactus Personified – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1959
(* Reference Only)
Exotic Plant Manual – Graf, Alfred B. – 1970
(* Reference Only)
Exotica: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants – Graf, Alfred B. – 1957
(* Reference Only)
Exotica II: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants – Graf, Alfred B. – 1959
(* Reference Only)
Exotica III: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants – Graf, Alfred B. – 1968
(* Reference Only)
Mammillaria Handbook – Craig, R. T. – 1945
(* Reference Only)
Succulents – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1959
(* Reference Only) Missouri Botanical Garden bulletin.
Texas Cacti – Schulz, Ellen; and Runyon, Robert – 1930
(* Reference Only)
Basic Bonsai Design – DeGroot, David – 1995
Beginner’s Guide to Adromischus, Aeonium, Dudleya, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Pelargonium and Other Succulent Dicots – Glavich, Tom – 2020
(NEW!) Good beginner book that serves as an introduction to this group of plants. Easy reading with good information and photos.
Beginner’s Guide to Gasteria, Haworthia, Agave and Other Succulent Monocots – Glavich, Tom – 2020
(NEW!) Good beginner book that serves as an introduction to this group of plants. Easy reading with good information and photos.
Bonsai: A Care Manual – Lewis, Colin – 1997
(NEW!) Another fine bonsai book with an eye towards those just learning about the art. Good information.
Bonsai – Illustrated Guide to an Ancient Art – Sunset Books
Beginner level.
Bonsai, Saikei and Bondei – Behme, Robert L. – 1969
Bonsai, Special Techniques – Vashiroda, Kan – 1988
Brooklyn Botanical Garden. 80 pages.
Book of Cacti and Other Succulents – Chidamian, C. – 1958
Excellent beginners book. Color and b/w photos, b/w drawings. 243 pages.
Bradleya – Yearbook of the British Cactus and Succulent Society – British Cactus and Succulent Society – 1985
Brazil and Its Columnar Cacti – Werdermann, E. – 1942
Reprinted by Scott E. Haselton, Abbey Garden Press.
Bromeliads: A Descriptive Listing of the Various Genera and the Species Most Often Found in Cultivation – Padilla, Victoria – 1986
Good identifier.
Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden – Steens, Andrew – 2003
(NEW!) Something different. Information on 200 species, great color photos.
Bromeliads in Color and Their Culture – Padilla, Victoria – 1966
Compilation from the bulletins of the Bromeliad Society gives comprehensive species and variety, culture, propagation and display information.
Bromeliads in Cultivation, Volume 1 – Wilson, R. G.; and Wilson, C. – 1963
Bromeliads, Jewels of the Tropics, The – Smith, Lyman B. – 1969
Button Gardens and Diminutive Arrangements – Casebolt, Florence – 1952
Cactaceae, The – Marshall, W.; and Bock, T. – 1941
Good identifier.
Cactaceae, The – Volumes I and II – Britton, N.; and Rose, J. – 1963
The definitive semi-technical reference on America’s most fascinating plant form. Unabridged reprint of the massive 1909-1913 work has the largest collection of b/w cactus illustrations and photos ever compiled.
Cactaceae, The – Volumes III and IV – Britton, N.; and Rose, J. – 1963
More of the definitive semi-technical reference on America’s most fascinating plant form. Unabridged reprint of the massive 1909-1913 work has the largest collection of b/w cactus illustrations and photos ever compiled.
Cacti – Bertrand, A.; and Guillaumin, A. – 1952
Cacti – Cerutti, Vincent – 1998
(NEW!) Beautiful photos with brief plant descriptions.
Cacti – Innes, Clive – 1988
Cacti – Leese, Oliver – 1973
Cacti: A Gardener’s Handbook for Their Identification and Culture – Borg, J. – 1963
First published in 1937, this major historical work remains a standard reference on cacti identification and cultivation. Often cited in the bibliographies of other cacti books, it provides clear, non-technical descriptions of over l,800 species. 512 pages.
Cacti, An Illustrated Guide to Over 150 Species – Schneck, Marcus – 1992
Very good pictures.
Cacti and Other Succulents – Ellis, J.
Beginner guide.
Cacti and Other Succulents – Leese, Sir Oliver – 1964
Beginner selection. Good pictures.
Cacti and Other Succulents Catalog (in Japanese)
Great picture identifier.
Cacti and Other Succulents for the Amateur – Glass, C.; and Foster, R. – 1974
Well-written introductory course for beginning collectors. Includes plant care and selection, b/w photographs.
Cacti and Other Succulents for Your Home – Meadow, Katie; and Dodson, Jay – 1976
Beginner-level publication.
Cacti and Succulents – Andersohn, Günter – 1982
Great picture identifier.
Cacti and Succulents – Haage, W. – 1963
Cacti and Succulents – Innes, Clive – 1988
Cacti and Succulents – Keen, Bill – 1990
(NEW!) Good book for the beginner. Covers all aspects of the hobby.
Cacti and Succulents – Pavey, Gina – 1979
Reference with good photos.
Cacti and Succulents – Simon & Schuster – 1985
Informative field guide reference describes the history of cacti and general guidelines for their cultivation. Includes 300 detailed entries that describe individual species, places of origin and ideal conditions for growth. Full-color photographs.
Cacti and Succulents – Time Life Encyclopedia of Gardening – 1978
Good for beginners.
Cacti and Succulents: A Care Manual – Mace, Tony; and Mace, Suzanne – 1998
(NEW!) Another beginners book with interesting chapters on “Myths and Urban Legends” and “Pests and Diseases.” Color photos.
Cacti and Succulents for Modern Living – Rice, L. W. – 1976
Complete manual and identification book for beginners. Direction on purchasing and maintenance: sun, water, temperature and fertilizer.
Cacti and Succulents From Mother Nature – Gick, James E. – 1977
Culture and care info with 213 color pictures of popular cacti and succulents. 41 pages.
Cacti and Succulents: Step-By-Step to Growing Success – Keen, Bill – 1990
Beginners. 128 pages.
Cacti and Their Cultivation – Martin, M.; Chapman, P.; and Auger, H. – 1974
Beginners book.
Cacti as Decorative Plants – Kramer, Jack – 1974
Suitable for beginners.
Cacti for Decoration – Higgins, Vera – 1956
Cacti From Seed, The Easy Way – Lamb, Edgar – 1959
Cacti in Brazil – Herm, K. – 2001
A pictorial celebration of Brazil and its unique succulent flora. The German and English text describes the main cactus genera of the country, including a history of cactus exploration. Over 360 color photographs. 176 pages.
Cacti of Arizona – Benson, Lyman – 1940
1950 reprint.
Cacti of San Diego County – Lindsay, George – 1963
A non-technical beginner-level guide from the San Diego Society of Natural History.
Cacti of Texas and Neighboring States – Weniger, Del – 1984
356 pages.
Cacti of the Southwest – Earle, Hubert – 1963
Desert Botanical Garden Science series.
Cacti of the Southwest: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana – Weniger, Del – 1970
249 pages.
Cacti of the United States and Canada – Benson, Lyman – 1982
Good reference.
Cacti, Over 1,200 Species – Innes, Clive; and Glass, Charles – 1991
Cacti, Succulents and Tropical Plants – Haden, Nicky – 1975
Catalog identifier.
Cacti, The Illustrated Dictionary – Preston, Rod; and Mafham, Ken – 1991
Very popular reference and identifier. Quickly find the alphabetized names, descriptions and color photos of many types of cactus, including virtually every type of globular cactus available. Over 1,100 color photos, alternative plant names. 224 pages.
Cactus – Armer, Laura Adams – 1934
Cactus – Overbeck, Cynthia – 1992
For children ages 9 to 12. Describes the parts of cactus plants and how they work together to enable the plants to survive in the desert.
Cactus, a Prickly Portrait of a Desert Eccentric – Hinrichs, Linda; and Zurek, Nickolay – 1995
Beautifully designed graphic essay showcases detailed photographs. Includes botanical origin, history, legends and lore. Color and b/w photos. 95 pages.
Cactus and Its Home, The – Shreve, Forrest – 1931
Cactus and Succulents in Your Home – Countryside Paperback Books – 1970
Suitable for beginners.
Cactus Basics: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivation and More – Mace, T.; Mace, S. – 2006
A very good beginner book. Color photos, information on pests and diseases, propagation and more.
Cactus Book, The – Houghton, A. D. – 1930
Cactus Club Killings, The – A Joe Portugal Mystery – Walpow, Nathan – 1999
Anyone in a cactus society should read this mystery novel. Just a fun read.
Cactus Coloring Book – Bernath, Stefan – 1981
Over 25 species rendered for coloring provide an excellent primer. Introduction, captions, hints for growing by Dr. C. S. Ripps.
Cactus Cook Book – Tate, Joyce L. – 1971
Covers cactus cake, cactus bread, soups, salads and much more.
Cactus Culture – Schulz, Ellen D. – 1932
Cactus Growing for Beginners – Higgins, Vera – 1964
Cactus Guide – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1976
Cactus Handbook, The – Haustein, Erik – 1988
Cactus in the Desert – Busch, Phyllis – 1979
Written for children aged 4 to 8.
Cactus in the Snow A Guide to Growing Hardy Cacti in the Wet and Frozen North – Brethauer, Bruce – 2000
For hardy cacti enthusiasts. Learn the basics of cactus anatomy, where to start, and cultivation and protection. The book then describes the many hardy species available, including plants from the Echinocereus, Escobaria, Opuntia and Pediocactus genera. Excellent b/w photos. 111 pages.
Cactus Lexicon – Backeberg, Curt – 1976
Cactus of Eastern Brazil – Taylor, N.; and Zappi, D. – 2004
(NEW!) Kew Gardens book, some good color photos. This is a book for those who prefer to read, rather than look at pictures.
California Cactus – Baxter, E. M. – 1935
Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents – Rowley, Gordon – 1987
Excellent book, great pictures. A favorite.
Chasing Centuries: Ancient Agave Cultivars – Parker, Ron
Christmas Cactus: The Genus Schlumbergera and Its Hybrids – McMillan, A. J. S.; and Horobin, J. F. – 1995
Title of book says it all. Note: Book has some water damage, use with caution.
CITES and Succulents – McGough, H. Noel; Groves, M.; Mustard, M.; Sajeva, M.; and Brodie, C. – 2004
(NEW!) Book and CD (A presentation – you will need Microsoft Power Point to view it).
Color Encyclopedia of Cacti – Hirao, Hiroshi – 1979
(NEW!) Another interesting book written in Japanese. However, names of plants are written in English. Very nice color photos. Good for identifying species.
Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs, The – Manning, J.; Goldblatt, P.; and Snijman, D. – 2002
Colorado Cacti – Boissevain, C.; and Davidson, C. – 1940
Colorful Cacti of the American Desert – Lamb, Edgar; and Lamb, Brian – 1974
Good introduction to cacti. Good photographs.
Colour Encyclopedia of Cacti – Japan Succulent Society – 1979
Good pictures for identification. In Japanese.
Columnar Cacti and Their Mutualists – Fleming, T.; and Valiente, A.; Editors – 2002
This book summarizes the ecology, evolution and conservation of columnar cacti and their vertebrate mutualists. Ranging from the Sonoran Desert to the northern Andes, the studies reported reflect recent progress in understanding how abiotic and biotic factors interact to influence the cacti and mutualists alike. “One of the most significant works ever published on the topics of columnar cacti and nectar-feeding bats.” 371 pages.
Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents, The – Hewitt, Terry – 1997
(NEW!) A beginners book. Nice color photos.
Complete Encyclopedia of Cacti – Subik, R.; and Kunte, L.
Complete Guide to Growing Cacti and Succulents – Anderson, Miles; and Hewitt, Terry – 2006
(NEW!) Good beginner book is divided into two main sections: Plant Directory of Cacti and Plant Directory of Succulents. Some good general information with smaller section on design ideas.
Complete Handbook of Cacti and Succulents – Innes, Clive – 1981
Copiapoa in Their Environment – Schultz, R.; and Kapitany, A.
Copiapoa, The Cactus File Handbook – Charles, Graham – 1998
Good pictures and information on habitat.
Cotyledon and Tylecodon – von Jaarsveld, Ernst; and Koutnik, Daryl – 2004
(NEW!) An informative book on cotyledons and tylecodons with exceptionally good illustrations by Elise Bodley. Very nice.
Corsage Craft – Reusch, Glad; and Noble, Mary – 1951
Crassula – Rowley, G.
Cultivation of Bowellia – Sacred Trees of Frankincense – Eslamieh, Jason
Cultivation of Bursersa (Frankincense of the Americas) – Eslamieh, Jason – 2013
(NEW!) Beautiful and informative book.
Cultivation of Succulents – Jacobsen, Hermann – 1942
Decorative Cacti, A Guide to Succulent House Plants – Subik, Rudolf – 1971
De Euphorbio Antiquorum atque Officinarum – Croizat, Dr. Leon – 1934
Desert – Leopold, A. Starker – 1970
Desert Plants – Volume 9 (#1-4)
Desert Plants – Volume 10 (#1, 2, 4)
Desert Plants – Volume 11 (#1-4)
Desert Plants – Volume 2 (#1-4)
Desert Plants – Reading, Susan – 1990
(NEW!) An interesting beginners book.
Desert Plants, Cactus and Succulents in the Wild and in Cultivation – Leese, O.; and Leese, M. – 1959
Deserts, Silent Lands of the World – Pond, Alonzo W. – 1965
Designing With Succulents – Baldwin, Debra Lee – 2007
(NEW!) Many cooler photos showing how plants are used in landscapes and pots. Information on many species.
Dicotyledons – Illustrated Handbook of Succulents Plants – Eggli, Urs, Editor – 2002
With a focus on caudiciform succulents grown in cultivation, this volume embraces succulents from 47 families and 161 genera, with information on over 2,000 species. The families Didiereaceae, Fouquieriaceae, Nolanaceae and Portulacaceae are treated in their near entirety. Euphorbia is the largest genus described, with further coverage of Senecio, Monadenium, Pelargonium, Adenia, Peperomia and Cyphostemma.
Discocactus, The Genus – A Revision of Known and Description of New Species – Buining, A. F. H. – 1980
This is one of two copies in the library. Very detailed, not for beginners. Black and white plus cool photos and drawings.
Echeveria Cultivars – Schulz, R.; and Kapitany, A.
Echeveria, The Genus – Pilbeam, J.
Echinocereus, The Genus – Taylor, Nigel P. – 1985
Encyclopedia of Cacti, The – Cullmann, W.; Gotz, E.; and Groner, G. – 1987
Cultural, descriptive identifications.
Epiphyllum – Leve, H.
Epiphyllum Basics II
Epiphyllum Handbook – Haselton, Scott – 1946
Essential Bonsai, The – Norman, Ken – 2003
Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names – Eggli, U.; and Newton, L. – 2004
A valuable reference for plant scientists, horticulturists and hobbyists with an interest in succulent plants. Presents a complete alphabetical list, together with concise explanations, of all the currently accepted names of succulent plants, with the derivation of the current names of over 10,000 taxa. 266 pages.
Euphorbia Journal, Volume I – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1983
Euphorbia Journal, Volume II – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1984
Euphorbia Journal, Volume III – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1985
Euphorbia Journal, Volume IV – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1987
Euphorbia Journal, Volume V – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1988
Euphorbia Journal, Volume VI – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1989
Euphorbia Journal, Volume VII – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1991
Euphorbia Journal, Volume VIII – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1992
Euphorbia Journal, Volume IX – LaFon, et al., Editors – 1994
Euphorbia World – April 2018
Euphorbia World – August 2019
Basic introduction to the plant group.
Excelsa Illustrated, Volume II – The Aloe Society of Zimbabwe
Exotics – Exotic Plants Illustrated – Graf, Alfred B. – 1954
Familiar Cacti, Audubon Society Pocket Guide – Audubon Society – 1993
Field identifier.
Fantastic Clan, The Cactus Family – Bonker, A.; and Thronber, J. – 1932
Ferocactus – Pilbeam, J.; and Bowdery, D. – 2005
Published by the British Cactus and Succulent Society, this book covers the Ferocactus genus with notes on classification, cultivation, geography and distribution, together with a key to species and checklist. A distribution map accompanies the color photographs of plants in habitat and cultivation. 116 pages.
Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai – Meislik, Jerry – 2007
Field Guide to the Aloes of Malawi, A – Lane, Stewart – 2004
(NEW!) Color photos, black and white depiction of country of Malawi showing areas of species’ habitats, information on medicinal uses and cultivation.
Field Guide to the Succulent Euhorbias of South Africa – Müller, Alma; and Becker, Rolf – 2019
(NEW!) For those interested in South African euphorbias, this is the book for you. It provides a good introduction to the genus Euphorbia – its care and uses. In addition, 20 different groups with over 190 new species of Euphorbia are described and illustrated.
Fine-Flowered Cacti: Epiphyllums and Others for Home and Greenhouse – McQuown, F. R. – 1972
Flower Arrangement for Everyone – Biddle and Blom – 1947
Flowering Cactus, The – Carlson, Raymond – 1954
Flowering Cacti and Succulents – Rose, H. – 1961
Flowering Stones and Mid-Day Flowers – Schwantes, G. – 1957
Flowering Succulents – Rowley, Gordon – 1959
Flowers of the Southwest Deserts – Dodge, Natt – 1961
Flowers – Their Arrangements – Conway, Gregory – 1940
Garden Succulents Primer, The (How to Identify and Grow the Most Popular Drought-Tolerant Plants) – Smith, Gideon; and van Wyk, Ben-Erik – 2008
(NEW!) Good beginners book. Color photos and information on a variety of species in various genera.
Gardener’s Guide to Cactus, The – Calhoun, Scott
Gardening With Cacti – Mabe, Rex – 1974
Gardening With Lights – Mabe, Rex – 1974
Gardening With Succulents – Mabe, Rex – 1975
Gasterias of South Africa (A New Revision of a Major Succulent Group) – Von Jaarsveld, E. J. – 1994
(NEW!) Black and white, and color drawings, as well as color photos. Good information on gasterias.
Genus Echeveria, The – Pilbeam, John – 2008
(NEW!) An all-around good book. Information on cultivation of echeverias, as well as detailed information on many species. My favorite part is a few paragraphs in a chapter called “Lost Souls” (pages 306-309). Loss, mystery and hope – what a chapter!
Genus Echinocereus, The – Taylor, Nigel P.; illustrations by King, Christabel – 1985
(NEW!) A nice, if older book. Very nice illustrations. Good for those with a special interest in the genus.
Genus Fouquieria, The – Scott, Robert
Genus Haworthia, The – Volume I – Breuer, Ingo
Genus Haworthia, The: A Taxonomic Revision – Scott, Charles L. – 1985
(NEW!) Information on distribution of various species. A good book if you have a passion for haworthias. Some color photos, some black and white illustrations.
Genus Hoya, The – Wennstorm, A.; and Stenmann, K.
Genus Melocactus in Central and South America, The – Taylor, Nigel – 1991
(NEW!) Color and black and white photos, maps and close-up photos of seeds. Book for someone super interested in the genus Melocactus.
Genus Nolina (Nolinaceae), The: Speciale Plante Grasse – Hochstätter, Fritz – 2010
(NEW!) Small specialty book. Color photos, text in two languages (German and English). For those with a strong interest in the genus Nolina.
Genus Sclerocactus, The – Hochslatter
Genus Sedum, The – Froderstrom, Harold – 1936
(NEW!) A monumental monograph divided into four text sections with hundreds of black and white photos.
Genus Turbinicarpus in San Luis Potosi, The – Grupo San Luis – 2004
(NEW!) The best book on the genus Turbinicarpus that I have read. It has information on the history of the genus, maps, color habitat photos and close-up color photos of various species. Great information.
Giant Cactus Forest and its World, The – Howes, Paul Griswold – 1954
(NEW!) Older book describes all aspects of the desert world, including plants and animals.
Gibbaeum Handbook, The – Nel, G. C. – 1953
Glossary of Botanical Terms With Special Reference to Succulent Plants – Eggli, Urs – 1993
Grass Aloes in the South African Veld – Graib, C. – 2005
Beautiful hand-drawn, then painted examples of various species. The book for anyone with a passion for aloes. Great information on growing cycles, cultivation, propagation and status of plants in habitat.
Greenhouse Gardening – Edwards, J.
Greenhouse Gardening as a Hobby – Crockett, James Underwood – 1961
(NEW!) Hardbound older book. Good information.
Grow Cacti, A Practical Handbook – Marsden, C. – 1958
Growing Cacti and Succulents – Bartrun, Douglas – 1973
Growing Cacti and Succulents – Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society – 2002
Growing Cacti and Succulents – Harland, W.; and Harland, S. – 1981
Growing Cacti and Other Succulents in the Conservatory and Indoors – Bell, S. – 2001
Growing Succulent Plants, Including Cacti – Graham, Victor – 1987
Growing the Mesembs – Storms, Ed – 1965
Growing Winter-Hardy Cacti in Cold/Wet Climate Conditions – Spain, John D. – 1997
(NEW!) Very nice little book for those who would like to try growing cold-hardy cacti. Nice color photos.
Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa – Smith, Gideon
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa – van Wyk, Ben-Erik, and Smith – 2003
Nice photos.
Gymnocalycium in Habitat and Culture – Charles, Graham – 2009
(NEW!) If you love gymnos, you will love this book. It has a section on the history of the genus that is very interesting and good information on cultivation and care. It also has everything you wish to know about almost every species!
Handbook of Succulent Plants, Volume 1 – Jacobsen, Hermann – 1954
Handbook of Succulent Plants, Volume 2 – Jacobsen, Hermann – 1954
Handbook of Succulent Plants, Volume 3 – Jacobsen, Hermann – 1954
Hanging Gardens – Basket Plants Indoors and Out – Kramer, Jack – 1971
Beginner book.
Hardy Opuntias – Kaktusy Newsletter – 2004
Hardy Succulents – Moore Kelaidis, Gwen; photos by Holt, Saxon
(NEW!) Another good choice for information on hardy succulents with more of an emphasis on succulents than cacti. Good photos and information, chapter on “Planting, Propagation and Care.”
Haseltonia Yearbook, Volume 23 – Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Haworthia, Genus – A Taxonomic Revision – Scott, Charles L. – 1985
Haworthia, The Genus, Volume 1 – Breuer, Ingo
Haworthia Handbook – Bayer, M. B. – 1976
Haworthia Update, Volume 1 – Bayer, B.
Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia, Volume 2 – Bayer, B.
Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia, Volume 3 – Bayer, B.
Haworthia Update, Volume 4 – Bayer, B.
Haworthia Update, Volume 6 – Bayer, B.
Haworthias for the Collector – Rudolf Schulz, Rudolph – 2009
(NEW!) Beautiful color photos. A good book to use to identify your “unknown” Haworthia species. Many popular hybrids and cultivars are shown.
Haworthias, The First 50 – Pilbeam, John – 1970
Haworthias, The Second 50 – Pilbeam, John – 1975
History of Succulent Plants – Rowley, Gordon – 1997
Good pictures and information.
Houseplants, Cacti and Succulents – Huxley, Anthony – 1973
For beginners.
How to Build Your Own Greenhouse: Designs and Plans to Meet Your Growing Needs – Marshall, Roger – 2006
(NEW!) Do you want to build a greenhouse? This book will show you how. Good luck!
Hoya, The Genus – Wennstorm, A.; and Stenmann, K.
Hoya Handbook, The – Kloppenburg, Dale; and Wayman, Ann – 1992
Identifying Cacti (The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier) – Glass, C.; Innes, C.; and Schneck, M. – 1996
(NEW!) A good beginners book. Color photos of some popular species.
Idiot’s Guide to Succulents – As Easy As It Gets – Tuttle, Cassidy
Illustrated Dictionary of Succulents, The – Sapeva, Maurizio; and Costanzo, Mariangela – 2001
(NEW!) Soft-bound reprint. A great book for identifying succulent species that are not cacti.
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Other Succulents – Riha, J.; and Subik, R. – 1981
Some color pictures.
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents and Cacti, The – Rowley, Gordon – 1978
Excellent beginner book.
Illustrated Guide to Cacti and Succulents – Chapman, P.; and Martin, M. – 1982
Cultivation information.
Illustrated Guide to Cacti, The – Slaba, Rudolf – 1992
Ilustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants – Aizoaceae, A-E – Hartmann, H., Editor – 2001
The important genera here are Aloinopsis, Argyroderma, Conophytum, Delosperma and Drosanthemum. Over 380 color photos, 51 distribution maps. 333 pages.
Ilustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants – Aizoaceae, F-Z – Hartmann, H., Editor – 2001
The important genera covered in this volume are Gibbaeum, Jordaaniella, Lampranthus, Lithops, Mesembryanthemum, Phyllolobus, Ruschia, Tetragonia and Trichodiadema. Over 380 color photos, 85 distribution maps. 419 pages.
Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants – Dicotyledons – Compiled in cooperation with IOSS – 1997
(NEW!) A very good book for identifying your “unnamed” cacti. Limited information on many species.
Ilustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants – Monocotyledons – Eggli, U., Editor – 2001
Fifty-two genera of succulents, including some 1,000 species and over 400 infraspecific taxa are presented in this volume. Examines Agave, Aloe, Haworthia and Sansevieria species as well as bulbous xerophytes from several genera. 386 pages.
Illustrated Reference of Cacti and Other Succulents, Volume I – Lamb, Edgar – 1955
Illustrated Reference of Cacti and Other Succulents, Volume II – Lamb, Edgar – 1959
Illustrated Reference of Cacti and Other Succulents, Volume III – Lamb, Edgar; and Lamb, Brian – 1963
Illustrated Reference of Cacti and Other Succulents, Volume IV – Lamb, Edgar; and Lamb, Brian – 1966
Illustrated Reference of Cacti and Other Succulents, Volume V – Lamb, Edgar; and Lamb, Brian – 1978
Indoor Bonsai – Lesniewicz, Paul – 2004
Indoor Bonsai Plants and Gardens – Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record – 1991
Instant Guide to Healthy Succulents – Pilbeam, John – 1984
Beginner book.
Interpretive Flower Arrangement – Brandburger, Nelda – 1969
Introduction to Cacti – Schuster, Danny – 1984
Good identifier for beginners.
Jatropha – Pritchard, Albert; and Pritchard, Daphne
Journal of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Jungle Orchid Cacti – Author’s name in Japanese
(NEW!) Pretty pictures of jungle cacti, but all text is in Japanese.
Kakteen in Brasilien (Cacti in Brazil) – Herm, Charles; Von Heek, Bohle; Strecker; and Heiner
(NEW!) Book in German and English. Cacti in habitat, color photos. Information on “cactus hunters,” various genera such as Discocactus and Melocactus, and less-often discussed species such as Pilosocereus.
Knowing, Understanding, Growing Turbinicarpus Rapicactus – Donati, Davide; and Zanovello, Carlo
Kaktusy – Richter, Ivana – 2004
(NEW!) All opuntias! Good information.
Lexicon of Succulent Plants – Jacobsen, Hermann – 1974
Great identifier.
List of Southern African Succulent Plants – National Botanical Institute, Succulent Society of South Africa – 1997
Lithops – Sprechman, David L. – 1970
(NEW!) An older but in-depth book on Lithops. Provides information about the habitat, structure and cycle of the plants, as well as an analytical key for identification. Color photos included.
Lithops, Flowering Stones – Cole, Desmond – 1988
Lithops, Treasures of the Veld – Hammer, S.
Living Art of Bonsai: Principles and Techniques of Cultivation and Propagation, The – Liang, Amy
(NEW!) A more advanced book on bonsai. Beautiful artwork on different bonsai styles, starting on page 138.
Madoqua Memoir: Lithops of SWA/Namibia – Cole, Desmond – 1987
Good color pictures.
Magic Land of the Peyote, In the – Benitez, Fernando – 1975
Mammillaria Collector’s Guide – Pilbeam, John – 1981
Mammillaria Handbook – Craig, R. T. – 1945
Mammillaria, The Cactus File Handbook – Pilbeam, John – 1999
Excellent identifier. Great photos.
Manual of Plant Names, A – Plowden, C. Chickeley – 1990
Mapping the Cacti of Mexico – Hernandez, H.; and Gomez-Hinostrosa, C. – 2011
(NEW!) As you might expect, lots of maps. Color photos of plants in habitat, some good information on where they grow.
Melocactus – Thomas, George
Melocactus, The Genus – Taylor, Nigel P. – 1991
Central and South America.
Melocactus Care and Cultivation – Thomson, George – 2008
(NEW!) Good “in habitat” photos. Information on cultivation, propagation and pests.
Mesembryanthema – Brown, N.; Tischer, A.; Darsten, M.; and LaBarre, E. – 1931
Mesembs of the World – Smith, G.; Cheaselet, P.; Van Jaarsveld, E.; Hartmann, H.; Hammer, S.; Van Wyck, B. E.; Burgoyne, P.; Klak, C.; and Kurzwell, H. – 1998
(NEW!) A great book for those who are trying to grow mesembs in St. Louis. Good luck!
Monadenium – Pritchard, Albert
Monocotyledons – Illustrated Handbook of Succulents Plants – Eggli, Urs, Editor – 2001
This volume covers some 1,100 species and over 200 infraspecific taxa. The families Agavaceae, Aloaceae and Doryanthaceae are covered in their entirety. The most important genera are Agave and Aloe. Other genera included are Haworthia, Bulbine and Sansevieria. A wide variety of bulbous xerophytes are also described.
More Succulents for the Contemporary Garden – Succulent Propagation – Kapitany, A.; and Schulz, R.
More Succulents in the Garden – Schulz, Rudolph; and Kapitany, Attila – 2007
(NEW!) Another soft-bound book by these two authors. As listed in their introduction, it is a book about succulents and their “potential for various garden uses.”
Name That Succulent – Rowley, Gordon – 1980
Technical content.
Native Gardens for Dry Climates – Wasowski, Sally; and Wasowski, Andy – 1995
(NEW!) Good book if one is planning a garden. Describes different types of gardens, how to design a garden and appropriate plants.
Native Plants for Southwestern Gardens – Wielke, Judy – 1993
(NEW!) Good descriptions of plants native to the southwest U.S. with good photos and growing info.
New Growing the Mesembs, The – Storms, Ed – 1986
(NEW!) An older book on mesembs. Some nice color photos.
New Seed Starter Handbook, The – Bubel, Nancy – 1998
Revised and expanded book discusses starting seeds indoors, moving plants outdoors and saving seeds in an accessible style that is sometimes overly cute.
New Haworthia Handbook, The – Bayer, M. B. – 1982
An older book. Information on several species, small photos.
New Illustrated Dictionary of Succulents II, The – Sapeva, Maurizio; and Costanzo, Mariangela
Nolina, The Genus – Hochstatter
Notes on Haworthia – Brown, Jr. – 1999
Notocactus – Mace, Tony – 1980
Pachyforms: A Guide to Growing Pachycaul and Caudiciform Plants – de Vosjoli, Philippe – 2002
This great book is a complete guide to the selection and cultivation of caudiciforms and pachycauls, species that develop thick bodies with sculptural forms. The text is complemented with 350 color photos of some of the foremost examples of living art. Welcome to a world of bizarre and alien species.
Pachyforms II: Bonsai Succulents – de Vosjoli, Philippe; and Lime, Rudy – 2007
(NEW!) Very similar to Pachyforms I – great photos and good information on various species with emphasis on bonsai style.
Pachypodium and Adenium, The Cactus File Handbook – Rowley, Gordon – 1999
Pachypodiums in Madagascar – Roosli, Walter
Pests and Diseases – Greenwood, Halstead, Chase, and Gilrein – 2003
Published by The Royal Horticultural Society.
Peyote, The Divine Cactus – Anderson, Edward – 1980
Pilosocereus: The Genus in Brazil – Zappi, D. – 1994
(NEW!) A Kew Gardens book. Very specialized book on a genus not often seen in our shows. Good information – something a little different.
Plant Jewels of the High Country, Sempervivums and Sedums – Payne, Helen – 1972
Plant Lover’s Guide to Sedums – Horvath, Brent
Pocket Encyclopedia of Cacti – Lamb, Edgar; and Lamb, Brian – 1976
Photos, cultivation data.
Prickly Pears Commonly Found in the United States and Northern Mexico – Green, Cheryl W.; with Ferguson, Dave J. – 2011
(NEW!) A comprehensive book describing the well-known plant group, opuntias or prickly pears. Color photos along with plant and habitat information are included.
Prickly Plant Book – Tarsky, Sue – 1985
Beginner book.
Rebutia – The Cactus File Handbook – Pilbeam, John – 1997
This popular book discusses all the described species and varieties of Rebutia, with color photographs throughout. Includes a full description of each plant, details of habitat, distribution, classification, cultivation, pests and diseases. Synonymous names list, too.
Rebutia, Including Alyostera and Sulcorebutia – Marsden, C.; and Jackson, H. S. – 1968
Regions of Floristic Endemism in Southern Africa: A Review with Emphasis on Succulents – van Wyk, Ben-Erik; and Smith, Gideon – 2001
Good reference.
Remarkable Baobab, The – Pakenham, Thomas – 2004
(NEW!) Interesting read of one person’s journey to visit all the different populations of baobabs in the world.
Rock Garden Design and Construction – North American Rock Garden Society
Saguaro – Evans, Doris – 1980
Nice photos and beginner-level information. Published by the Southwest Parks and Monuments Association.
Saguaro Cactus: A Natural History, The – Yetman, D.; Búrquez, A.; Hultine, K.; and Sanderson, M. – 2020
(NEW!) This book provides a comprehensive history of this iconic plant, along with an in-depth discussion of the plant and its characteristics.
Sansevieria Book – Stover, Hermione – 1983
Sansevieria Trifasciata Varieties, The – Chahinian, B. Juan – 1986
Schlumbergera – Supplie, Frank; and van der Zee, Dick – 2004
Contains English, German and Dutch text with good color photographs of the flowers of the best Christmas cactus cultivars.
Sclerocactus, The Genus – Hochslatter
Sedum, The Genus – Froderstrom, Harold – 1936
A monumental monograph divided into four text sections with hundreds of b/w photos.
Small Opuntias – Pilbeam, J.; and Partridge, M. – 2016
(NEW!) Good introduction to this fascinating group of plants.
Socotra: Paradise of Succulents in the Indian Ocean – Wolf, Franziska, and Richard
Sonoran Desert Plants: An Ecological Atlas – Turner, Bowers, and Burgess – 2005
Habitat information.
Southern Africa Commiphora (Suider-Afrika) – Steyn, Martinus – 2003
(NEW!) Trade paperback. Color photos of various species with short descriptions, listed habitats and information on plants’ names.
Splendid Sansevieria, The – Chahinian, J.
Stapeliads, Volume 1 – Bruyns, P. V.
Stapeliads, Volume 2 – Bruyns, P. V.
Stapeliads – Pilbeam, J.
Stapeliads: A Gallery of 686 Pictures of All 57 Genera of This Popular Group of Succulent Plants – Pilbeam, John – 2010
(NEW!) The title says it all.
Stapeliads: A Gallery of 714 Pictures of All 59 General of This Popular Group of Succulent Plants – Pilbeam, John – 2014
(NEW!) Updated with more color photos. Helpful book for beginners.
Stapelieae, The (First Edition) – White, A.; and Sloane, B. – 1933
Stapelieae, Volume I, The – White, A.; and Sloane, B. – 1937
Stapelieae, Volume II, The – White, A.; and Sloane, B. – 1937
Stapelieae, Volume III, The – White, A.; and Sloane, B. – 1937
Stuck on Cactus: A Beginning Grower’s Guide – Wright, David E. – 1996
(NEW!) A light-hearted beginners book with good information.
Study of Cacti, The – Higgins, Vera – 1933
Subtropical and Dry Climate Plants – Garden, Kew
Succulent Care and Health – Schulz, Rudolph; and Kapitany, Attila – 2003
Succulent Compositae, A Grower’s Guide to the Succulent Species of Senecio and Othonna – Rowley, Gordon D.
Succulent Euphorbieae, Southern Africa, Volumes I and II – White, A.; Dyer, R.; and Sloane, B. – 1941
Succulent Flora of Southern Africa – Court, Doreen
Succulent Plants – Bertrand, A. – 1953
Succulent Propagation – Kapitany, A.; Schulz, R.
Succulents – Cutak, Ladislaus – 1959
Missouri Botanical Garden bulletin.
Succulents, A Glossary of Terms and Descriptions – Ivimey and Cook – 1974
Succulents and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar, Volume I – Rauh, Werner – 1995
Good pictures.
Succulents of Botswana, The – Hargreaves, Bruce J., Senior Curator of Natural History – 1990
Succulents of Southern Africa – Frandsen, R.
Succulents of the Transvaal – Hardy, David; artwork by Fabian, Anita – 1992
(NEW!) An older book. Good color illustrations, some useful information.
Succulents for the Amateur – Brown, J. R.; White, A.; Sloane, B.; and Reynolds, G. W. – 1946
Succulents for the Garden – Schulz, Rudolf – 2000
Nice pictures.
Succulents in Cultivation, Including Cacti – Higgins, Vera – 1960
Succulents, The Illustrated Dictionary – Sajeva, M.; and Costanzo, M. – 1994
Succulents II, The New Illustrated Dictionary – Sajeva, M.; and Costanzo, M.
Sulco Gallery, A – Pilbeam and Hunt
Superb Succulents – Benadom, Duke – 2013
(NEW!) Hardbound. To paraphrase Mr. Benadom: a selection of show plants, beautiful as well as up-to-date information. Great book!
Sussex Cactus and Succulent Yearbook
Taxonomy of the Cactaceae: The New Classification of Cacti Mainly Based on Molecular Data, Volumes 1 and 2 – Lodé, Jose – 2015
(NEW!) Includes an alphabetical index. Read pages 7 through 35 in Volume 1 to get an understanding of these books. Still confused? Don’t worry - it seems the experts are still confused, too. However, these books are honest, informative and beautiful.
Teratopia: The World of Cristate & Variegated Succulents – Rowley, G. – 2006
Thelocactus – Pilbeam, John
Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World – Dortort, Fred – 2011
(NEW!) First edition. A great book with more than can be described in a few sentences. Information on habitats (seasons, rainfall, etc.); area maps with succulent species around the world; information and color photos on many species.
Turbinicarpus – Sotomayor, J. Manuel
Uebelmannia – Schulz, R.; Machado, M.
Ultimate Book of Cacti & Succulents – Anderson, Miles; with Hewitt, Terry – 1998
(NEW!) Older, but nice. Information and color photos on both cacti and succulents. Good beginner book.
Unusual Plants, 110 Photos of Succulents – Brown, J. R. – 1954
What Kinda Cactus Izzat? – Manning, R. – 1942
Cactus cartoons.
Where the Hardy Cactus Grow: A Hardy Succulents Handbook – Sierra, David – 1999
(NEW!) Publication of the Amateurs Digest. This small book has both black and white, and color photos. Something different - book highlights different growers with their experiences and personal profiles.
Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities – Stewart, Amy – 2009
(NEW!) A very interesting and informative book on dangerous plants. A good read.
Wild Cactus – Hawk, Rose; photography by Huey, George – 1996
(NEW!) Very attractive color photos and a thoughtful, interesting read.
Wild Lithops – Jainta, Harold
Wonderful World of Succulents – Rauh, Werner – 1984
Good reference.
World Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents – Anderson, Miles – 2003
(NEW!) Soft-bound book is very similar to the hard-bound version. Basic information and color photos make it a good beginners book.
World of Cacti, The – Schuster, Danny – 1990
World of Cactus and Succulents, The – Ortho Books – 1977
Beginner book with photographs that exemplify what a collection can look like, as well as designs for unusual containers and accessories. A complete guide to growing and caring for cacti and succulents.
World of Hoyas, The – Kloppenburg, Dale
This spiral-bound book covers the basics of growing as well as providing an excellent overview of the entire genus. A pictorial section covers 100 hoyas with color pictures and actual leaf photocopies and descriptions. Old photographs from magazines of the late 1800s and early 1900s add elegance to the title. Over 250 pages.
African Succulent Plant Society Bulletin – 1970-1971
Agave Family in Sonora, The – Gentry, Howard Scott – 1972
Agriculture handbook no. 399, U.S. Agricultural Research Service. 195 pages.
Agaves (1968 Yearbook) – Breiting, A. – 1968
Agaves of Continental North America – Gentry, Howard Scott – 1982
A classic monograph! Gives thorough descriptions of over 136 species. 278 b/w photos, 111 b/w line drawings, 35 maps. 670 pages.
Agaves (Living Sculptures for Landscapes and Containers) – Storr, Greg – 2012
(NEW!) Everything you want to know about agaves.
All About Greenhouses – Ortho Books – 2001
Expert guidance on choosing, budgeting for and building a greenhouse. 26 projects, 106 photographs, 80 illustrations. 96 pages.
All About Saguaros – Hodge, Carle – 1991
(Carnegiea) Color photos. Published by Arizona Highways. 64 pages.
Aloe – Journal of the South African Succulent Society – van Jaarsveld, Ernst – 1987
Aloes of Madagascar – Castillon, Jean-Bernard; and Castillon, Jean-Philippe – 2010
This 400-page book resulted from 12 years of exploration by the authors. With over 1,000 color photos (many in situ), it recapitulates the 110 aloe species and 50 taxa accepted today. Excellent identification guide. Bilingual, French-English.
Aloes of Malawi, The – Lane, S. S.
Aloes of Southern Africa, The – Smith, Gideon; and Van Wyk, Braam – 2008
Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar, The – Reynolds, G. W. – 1982
Aloes – The Definitive Guide – Carer, S.; Lavranos, J. J.; Newton, L. E. and Walker, C. C. – 2011
(NEW!) Advanced book. Good information, color photos. From Kew Gardens.
Anacampseros, Avonia, Grahamia – A Grower’s Handbook – Rowley, Gordon – 1995
Highly readable introduction with 29 detailed species descriptions make this handbook an invaluable reference for both the layman and experienced collector. Has 73 plates of color photos, two plates of color drawings, 19 b/w line drawings. 80 pages.
Art, Science, History and Philosophy of Bonsai, The – Koreshoff, Deborah R. – 2006
Asclepiadaceae – Illustrated Handbook of Succulents Plants – Albers, Focke, Editor – 2002
Comprehensive book covers over 9,000 taxa of succulents other than Cactaceae. This volume on the milkweed family presents 1,119 species and covers 49 of the 70 genera treated in their entirety. Highlights: Ceropegia and Brachystelma. Illustrated with 332 color photos. Includes keys to genera, descriptions with typification and distribution data, full synonymy and literature references.
Asklepios 125 – International Asclepiad Society – December 2019
(NEW!) Are you a fan of the Stapeliad family? Then this is a journal for you. Great articles with photos.
Asklepios 126 – International Asclepiad Society – March 2020
(NEW!) Are you a fan of the Stapeliad family? Then this is a journal for you. Great articles with photos.
Astrophytum Handbook – Sato, T. – 1995
Four-volume set in Japanese with separate English translation. Outstanding photos. Volume 1: Asterias family. Volume 2: Myriostigma family. Volume 3: Capricorne family. Volume 4: Ornatum and Coahuilense families.
Australian Succulent Plants – Kapitany, Attila – 2007
Covers 100 succulent species from 40 genera that are poorly addressed by general books on Australia’s plants. Easy to read, easy to use for identification.
Adromischus, The Cactus File Handbook 3 – Pilbeam, John; Rodgerson, Chrus; and Tribble, Derek – 1998
Good pictures and origin information in a friendly, non-technical style. First-ever book on these southern African plants details variations within species in cultivation and the wild. Chapters on classification, geography, propagation and field collection. 104 pages.
Adenium: Sculptural Elegance, Floral Extravagance – Dimmitt, Mark; Joseph, Gene; and Palzkill, David – 2009