Abromeitiella brevifolia (2015)

PhotoBy Kathleen Miller (December 2015)

Belonging to the Pitcairnioideas subfamily, Abromeitiella brevifolia consists of four species found growing in dense mats on rocks in hot, dry areas of Bolivia and Argentina.

They appear to be miniature dyckias, attaining rosettes of 2 to 2.5 centimeters in diameter. The plants have greenish-white flowers, and although not noteworthy, are often grown as a curiosity because they are the only true cushion type in the subfamily.

They are best grown in small containers. An easy-to-grow bromeliad, this South American plant is a cousin to the pineapple. They prefer indirect and/or filtered sun (can stand some direct). Water copiously when it is warm and feed during spring/summer/fall with diluted general-purpose fertilizer.

This plant also goes by the name Deuterocohonia.