Ceropegia (2004)

(January 2004)

Ceropegia is a member of the Asclepiadaceae family. It is native to South Africa and other tropical countries. The plants’ flowers have a waxy appearance and look like small lanterns.

Pot these plants in equal parts of loam, peat and leaf mold with coarse grit, charcoal and crushed brick. In the summer, ceropegias do well in a humid, tropical climate. (We should be able to grow blue ribbon winners with our St. Louis summers.) In winter, the minimum temperature should be 60 degrees. Water sparingly, but do not let the soil become bone dry.

To increase your collection or share with others, take cuttings from side shoots in April or May. Place them in sand or sandy soil.

C. sandersonnii, C. debilis, C. radicans and C. woodii are some of the popular Ceropegia species.