Crassula (2012)

PhotoBy Chris Deem (January 2012)

Reflected in a mirror on a cold December night, I saw a true reflection in a bright forgotten light. As I stopped to look, I reflected somberly and a memory came to me. I can’t stand crassulas – they are just little weeds!

Still, in the tiny pot, the rocks arranged with care, the plant and its flowers could be seen. I saw a true reflection – my contempt had turned to envy as I turned to face the December air.

The majority of Crassula species are native to South Africa and Namibia. The book Crassula, A Grower’s Guide also listed species from Madagascar, East Africa and Arabia.

Being winter-growing plants makes crassulas a little more interesting. Unfortunately, many species also have short life spans. There are species with colorful leaves and interesting shapes. Many species also have pretty flowers, so you may wonder at my story.

In the past, I may have been hasty in my feelings toward these little plants. After some careful reflection, however, I put before you crassulas.

From the largest climber to the smallest creeper, they do, I grant you, have bright flowers and interesting shapes. They might even, on occasion, brighten a cold winter night. Yet, I still say, there are some that just look like weeds.