Drimiopsis saundersiae (2009)

PhotoBy Eric Driskill (January 2009)

Drimiopsis is a genus of bulbous perennial herbs in the family Hyacinthaceae from tropical and South Africa. Many people feel Drimiopsis should be sunk into the genus Ledebouria.

Most plants in this genus have oval basal leaves that are spotted. New growth emerges in a lemon-cream/bright-yellow color. As the leaves mature, they eventually turn an olive-green with leopard spots that are mildly striped with yellow. The flowers are greenish or white.

You will want to keep these plants warm and allow them to dry between waterings. Soil should be a well-draining mix. The plants like bright light.

During winter months, those of us who also have winter growers in our collections enjoy these plants when others are resting. D. saundersiae Sunny Smile is a pleasure to look at whether in bloom or not. The leaves are quite attractive and make this plant worthy of a spot on your bench.