Mammillaria magnimamma (2014)

PhotoBy Joe Merkelbach (September 2014)

Mammillaria magnimamma, the Mexican pincushion cactus, grows initially as a single spherical form, but gradually forms flattened clumps of multiple heads. The tubercules are very typical for the genus, with a slight tendency to geometrical forms with flattened sides. The spines are rather stout for the genus, vary in number between four and seven, and have a darker tip. The lower spine or pair of spines from each tubercule are recurved and longest.

As with all mams, M. magnimamma’s smallish flowers form a ring below the apex of each head. Flower color can range from light yellow through a deep pink, and there is usually a darker streak down the center of the petals. Both the ring of flowers and some amount of wool originate between the tubercules.

Mammillaria magnimamma is a well-known and widely grown representative of mams in the collections of many growers. It likes open, well-drained soil and lots of light during spring and summer growing seasons. Very little water and lower light are best for cool weather non-growth intervals.

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