Monadenium montanum (2009)

PhotoBy Wayne Erickson (July 2009)

Monadenium montanum is from the family Euphorbiaceae. From the arid lands of Africa comes this small, round and slightly flattened caudex plant. The whitish to light gray, peeling skin makes a very attractive base.

From the top of its base, the plant produces long, dark-green stems with vertical white veins. The veins continue into long, narrow, stiff leaves, making a distinctive pattern. Tiny pale-pink flowers on tiny, short stems come out at the base of the leaves.

This plant does well in full sun to partial shade. It requires a well-drained, quick-drying soil. A 50/50 rock and soil mix is suggested. If grown indoors, it needs a bright, sunny window. It is possible to propagate M. montanum from both seeds and cuttings.