Oreocereus Hendriksenianus (2014)

By Don Krechel (January 2014)

Oreocereus Hendriksenianus v. Densilinatus is a short columnar ceroid cactus from South America. It can be found growing at the higher altitudes in strong sunshine.

The 3- to 4-inch-wide stem grows to about 3 feet tall and branches freely from the base, forming a many-stemmed clump up to 6 feet across. The stems are densely covered in long, white hairlike spines, which can be rarely yellow or red. The cactus is also armed with up to 2-inch-long, sharp, central spines growing from large areoles.

It flowers from spring to summer. The diurnal red tubelike flowers appear near the ends of the stems. This oreocereus grows best in mineral and gravelly soil, but with less than average water.