Sedum sieboldii (2011)

By Chris Deem (August 2011)

In a house where none will go, there is a picture on a wall. Behind the glass, frozen in time, are three pots: two red, one of gold – three plants from another time.

Flat and round are the blue-green leaves that cascade over the pot of gold. On either side in pots of red, a different look unfolds. The hue is sharp, the pot is red, and this plant’s leaves are pink and green, wide and flat in groups of three with pink stems barely seen. Now in the other red pot, another look is seen. It seems the same type of plant, but so pale with leaves of yellow and green.

It’s someone’s choice from another time. Why the red pots, why the gold, sadly no one is left who knows. Their disharmony continues, as the radiation lingers in a house where none will go.

Sedum sieboldii, like all sedum species, is a member of the Crassulaceae family. Some sedums are hardy, some are not, and they are found in many countries. The plant in this article comes from Japan. As I have always associated sedums with homes, I believe the tragedy in Japan influenced my thoughts about this plant.

Sedum sieboldii, so I have read, has several varieties and cultivars. Many species of sedums have yellow flowers, while some have creamy white blooms. There are also sedums with pink blossoms. Most species flower in early autumn.