Succulents in Bloom (April 2002)

PhotoBy Pam Schnebelen (April 2002)

One of the first signs of the end of winter are those first purple and yellow crocus flowers – which are already up following an oh-so-mild winter. Many plants in our collections are blooming now, too, reminding us of their celebration of life on this planet we share.

In February, we talked about winter-growing plants. In April, let us enjoy the flowering aspect of our weird and wonderful plants. Bring flowering plants to the April meeting, so we can all share in their beauty. In the tradition of our summer show (where you will not see these plants blooming), we will have sections for blooming cacti and blooming succulents.

It is much easier to identify plants when they are in flower. So be sure to bring in those unnamed plants, as well. The library will be open, and we will try to tag some of them.

Many species in the Cactaceae genera flower from mid-winter to early spring: Cephalocereus, Cleistocactus, Copiapoa, Epiphyllum, Gymnocalycium, Hatiora, Heliocereus, Mammillaria, Pediocactus, Rhipsalis, Schlumbergera and Turbinicarpus.

Other succulent genera with species that may be blooming now include Aeonium, Albuca, Cerepogeia, Crassula, Cudleya, some Euphorbia, Gasteria, Gibbaeum, Haworthia, Hoodia, Kalanchoe, Monadenium, Pelargonium, Senecio and Tylecodon.