Ebracteola (2014)

PhotoBy Eric Driskill (June 2014)

The genus Ebracteola is in the Aizoaceae family. The name comes from the Latin “e, ex” (without) and “bracteolae” (bracteole). “Without bracteole” suggests the flowers of the plants possess no bracteoles.

The genus has four to eight species, depending on which author you prefer. Plants in the genus are compact, highly branched succulents with swollen roots. Most plants form clumps with age. Leaves are in pairs, fleshy and varying among species as to leaf color and shape.

Flower colors range among species, but regardless of the color of any given species, all flower colors are quite vivid. The flowers of all species are daisylike. Most Ebracteola species flower in spring.

The plants should have a well-draining soil. Ebracteolas are particularly suited for rock gardens. Leo Chance included this genus in his lecture on winter-hardy plants.

If you plan to plant one outside in a rock garden or a raised bed, I would suggest you purchase two plants, in case the one in the ground dies. If you purchased one of these beauties, please remember to keep us updated and share your success. Although many people have mesembryanthemum fear, this is one jewel you might want to try.